World Economic Forum

22 mei 2022

World Economic Forum

Sunday, 22nd May

17.30 - 19.30, Earth Room
Cocktail launch with Unlocking Eve

Healthcare needs women leaders more than ever. The pandemic reaffirmed the effectiveness of women leaders – now the opportunity is to unlock the energy and impact of more women to transform health and heal the world. This is the mission of Unlocking Eve, a country-led movement by women for all leaders in healthcare with a mission of increasing well-being, strengthening their leadership, magnifying their influence, and paving the way to bring others with them to transform healthcare and heal the world.

This cocktail launch event will invite all participants to co-create an inaugural art piece to spark the Unlocking Eve movement.

Moderated by:

  • Nicky Myny, Visual Artist, Artkom, Belgium


  • Eva Mc Lellan, Co-Founder, Unlocking Eve, Belgium
  • Kaye Vitug, Co-founder, Unlocking Eve, USA

Register here to attend.

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